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Handmade cremation urns from the Pacific Northwest

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 Our Promise

  • Beyond our use of green materials, we consider our environmental impact throughout every aspect of our business. This includes minimizing waste, using recycled paper and eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible.
  • We provide compassionate customer care and a personalized approach to every order we receive.
  • Our customers receive free shipping on every order placed within the U.S.
  • Each of our urns is handmade by Master craftsman, Bill More, in our Bend, OR studio. We do not outsource any of our production methods to overseas vendors.

Oil Lamp Lid

Our proprietary oil lamp lid provides a unique opportunity to remember your loved one.

Lumicor Panels

Created from 40% recycled materials and LEED certified.

Recycled Steel

Contemporary, hand-welded steel accents compliment stainless steel.

The 5 Stages of Grief

Most people associate the stages of grief with the five stages laid out by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. These five stages include: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Kubler-Ross expressed that these stages are not experienced...
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The History of Cremation

The practice of cremation has been widely used throughout the world and dates as far back as the Mesolithic Period. One of the earliest findings of cremation comes from the remains of a body discovered at Lake Mungo in Australia, which is at least 20,000 years old.In...
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Coping with the Death of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet is not unlike losing a family member or a close friend. The bond between pets and their pet parents goes a lot deeper than just walks and feedings. Pets offer emotional support, unconditional love, a sense of purpose, and even...
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Remembrance Memorial Urns

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